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Cole Pallet Services Corporation was founded in July 2014 by brothers Brett and John Cole. Located in DeKalb, Illinois, we are a proudly veteran-owned and family-run business providing our customers with dependable, high-quality pallets nationwide.

Thanks to our desire for success since day-one, Cole Pallet has seen significant growth since its establishment in 2014. Today, we have a strong customer base and three production plants across DeKalb, including a cut plant. These locations produce approximately 5,000 pallets each day. These pallets are built by our Italian-made Corali machine, our Viking 550 Turbo machine, or by hand.

Our unmatched versatility allows our production plants to construct custom pallets and crates in addition to our already existing variety of over 500 different pallet designs. All of these pallets are produced with lumber sustainably sourced from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and the European Union.

In addition to our production plants, Cole Pallet has national pallet brokerage offices in DeKalb, Milwaukee, and Houston. Each location serves a distinct purpose and contributes to our goal of providing dependable and high-quality pallets while providing reliable customer service.

When it comes to the future, Cole Pallet aims to continue moving forward without ever compromising the quality of our product or sacrificing employee or environmental safety.

As we say around here, it all stacks up!

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